What We Do

We select a cohort of 8 start-ups from across Africa, invest in them and give them an ed-tech dedicated support programme to help them scale up across the continent.

Our Mission

We believe that education will be the great engine of Africa's future development. It will be local education innovations that help solve Africa's education problems and realise the huge potential for richer economies and stronger societies across the continent

Our Vision

To create EdTech specialist incubator programmes across Africa that ensure anyone with an idea that could raise education standards at scale - wherever, and whoever they are - has access to early stage investment and support.


Our Cohort 3 Programme - Cape Town, South Africa

The Injini Cohort 3 programme will launch in May 2019. For this, 8 start-ups from across Africa will join the programme for 4 months during which we will deliver workshops, mentoring and networking as well as technology, research and dedicated support from the Injini team. As part of this revised programme, each start-up will be eligible for a ZAR 100k grant (ca. $7.5k), after which the cohort will compete for follow-on equity investment of up to $75k per startup.

For the first time ever, the Injini programme will be opened up to non-profits.

Our Guiding Principles


Africa leads, not follows

The greatest challenge & opportunity in EdTech lies in Africa - it will produce the greatest innovations


Grassroots ideas, global impact

It will be teachers & entrepeneurs - not big bureaucracies - who realise technology’s potential in education


Empower teachers, not replace them

We will help teachers deepen & widen impact, not try (and fail) to make them obsolete


Evidence-driven, with a laser focus on results

We should reject business-as-usual & embrace new ideas, but pay very close attention to the evidence of what works to improve education


Our Cohorts

We have so far had 2 cohorts of startups coming from 7 countries across Africa, with EdTech innovations across all education stages and a range of technologies.


System that connects students with experts and access TO resources online



Platform which sources university funding for prospective students



Literacy app with stories & games written and illustrated by teachers and artists



Multimedia educational resources delivered via a solar powered server



Saa S-based digital platform for training, hiring and managing top talents at all stages of employment



Facebook messenger chatbot using proven gamification and AI to teach languages



Cloud-based school management software for ECD and K12 schools



Continuous teacher mentoring and learning inputs for engaging classrooms



Data analytics app for parents & ECD teachers to track child development



Only adaptive learning platform for feature phones in Africa



Offline search engine for students, powered by artificial intelligence



Audio & video Maths & Science lessons focused on low income communities



Language learning via chatbot & native speaker on whatsapp style platform



Putting books on low tech devices & distributing them in hard to reach areas



Platform matching students to most suitable University places/funding & jobs


Our Team


Jamie Martin

Founder & Director

Ruth Hattersley

Head of Operations

Doreen Nabaho

Head of Data Insights & Analytics

Our Board


Rob Paddock

Founder, GetSmarter

Brendan Hughes

Founder, Infology & Qualified Attorney

Injini In The Media

Injini film

October 2017

Launch of Injini first Cohort

University of Cape Town, 10 October 2017

Injini Cohort 2 Demo Day Nov 2018 - Powered by AWS

28 November 2018

Injini Cohort 1 Demo Day May 2018 - Livestream

3 May 2018



We run regular events across Africa aiming to bring together entrepreneurs, teachers and interested people to hear new edtech ideas and discuss how to take them forward in their community.

Our meet ups are a great way to hear new edtech ideas and meet other people interested in raising standards in education through technology. They are free to attend, and have attracted over 400 people.

To stay up-to-date with our events, please sign up for our newsletter here


Our Mentors and Experts

Our specialist EdTech incubation programme is led by people with a wealth of experience within education. They are entrepreneurs, teachers, academics, technologists, investors and business leaders who are united by their passion for and expertise in education.

See our list of experts here

Based on a model developed at Y combinator, a group of education entrepreneurs and leaders will be sharing their stories and expertise in an over dinner talk - an incredible opportunity for our startups to learn from some of the most visionary and successful education leaders across Africa.


Rob Paddock

Founder, GetSmarter

Warren Hero

CIO/CDO, Webber Wentzel

Ellen Fischat

Co-Founder, InnoCircle & Story Room

Onyeka Akumah

Founder & CEO, Farmcrowdy Limited

Godwin Khosa

CEO, NECT & former CEO, Jet Education

Mark Horner

Founder, Siyavula

Sihle Tshabalala

Founder, Quirky30

Wesley Lynch

Founder, Snapplify

Patrick Kayton

Founder, Cognician

Danai Musandu

Investment Associate, Goodwell

Tim Clarke

Founder & Chairman, EdNet Global

Marion Smallbones

Director: Product Innovation, Pearson International School Line of Business

Glenn Gillis

Founder & MD, SeaMonster Entertainment

Our Partners


Get Smarter






Karri Payments


Quirky 30




Instill Education


Sea Monster


Sifiso Edtech


University of Cape Town


Yale School of Management


College Of Cape Town


Amazon Web Services




EdTech East Africa


MindCet (Israel)






EdTech World Tour


Emerge Education


Imagine K12


StartEd NYU




MEST Africa


UBS Optimus Foundation


Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

Work For Us

We are always looking for talented people to join our team and our cohort companies in the future. Please watch our jobsite for job adverts. If you are interested in volunteering or partnering with us, please email info@injini.co.za


How long does your programme last ?

4 months, but with 2 months in Cape Town and ~2 months remote. Cohort 3 is scheduled to begin in May 2019

What’s in your programme?

Our programme is a combination of general business incubation and EdTech specific incubation. You will receive both workshops (typically 2 per week, with some being optional) and over 25 hours per team of 1:1 mentoring. You will also be able to book time with the Injini team, where we work specifically for your business on data analysis, EdTech research, operations or strategy. There will also be dinner speeches where EdTech entrepreneurs tell their story in a small group setting to the cohort.

Who owns Injini?

You can learn about CiTi here

We are a 51% black owned company according to the BBBEE codes. We are a South African pty based in Cape Town, South Africa.

What kind of ideas are you looking for - what do you mean by EdTech?

We are looking at both non-profits & for profit businesses, focused on Africa and on as broad a section of the population as possible (especially low income), that address learning from early years to adults using technology. We want innovative but effective approaches that can scale quickly. We want tech used because evidence shows it can improve the quality of or extend access to education, not for the sake of using tech.

Can a not for profit apply to your programme?

Yes. As of cohort 3, we will be changing our previous policy and will accept applications from non-profits.

Do we need to be in/from South Africa?

No. The startups in our porfolio are from 7 different Africa countries, and we actively encourage applications from any African country. We pay for flights to Cape Town, accommodation and a stipend while you're in Cape Town.

Do successful applicants need to move to Cape Town?

Not full time. The initial and closing programme phases are in Cape Town, with a product testing period in between where you can be based in any African market. If offered a place on the programme, we will have a conversation with you about travel and time commitments.

Do you cover travel and living expenses?

Yes. Everyone in the program will be covered for flights to and from Cape Town, for accommodation here, and receive an allowance for extra living costs incurred while in Cape Town.

How do I apply?

Applications for cohort 3 are now open and will close on 17 March 2019. Please sign up to our mailing list to get notified about future programmes.

What’s the process after that?

After applications close, we will select the best to go through a due diligence process, which will also include submitting a short video pitch.

Do I need to quit my job?

Probably. Some of our cohort 1 entrepreneurs had part time work or study commitments as part of bigger teams, but building a great start up is a (very) full time commitment.

We don’t have a product and can’t build one. Can we apply?

Yes. If feasible, we will help you build it - two of our cohort 1 companies were pre product. But please have advanced your concept beyond the idea stage - eg prove that there is demand and scale opportunities if only you could build it.

We aren’t incorporated - is that a problem?

No, but we'd like you to be incorporated by the time you join the programme

We have already raised funding/got revenue/built a product - can we still apply?

Yes. We look at all stages of maturity and believe we can be a huge help beyond initial raises, revenue or product builds.

When does cohort 3 open?

Applications are now open and will close on 17 March 2019. The cohort 3 programme will launch in May 2019.